Koala Kraze

If you’re looking for the perfect family card game for kids look no further than the one-of-a-kind Koala Kraze! Created by two siblings who mostly get along, this interactive and exciting card game is a race to see who can win by discarding your entire hand as fast as possible! Easy to play and challenging to master this card-shedding game takes all the favorites you know and love so well—such as Crazy Eights and Uno—to a whole new level. A great choice for kids 6 and up, especially for playing with siblings, family, and friends, Koala Kraze features lots of different ways to win including using the Burglar card to switch hands, Big Boss to make players give up their Koalas, and other special power plays that are sure to get people excited.

About Us


Co-Director of Concept Development

As a Co-Director of Concept Development, Sofia has contributed immensely into the development of Koala Kraze. As the originator of the concept for Koala Kraze she has shown great promise for all types of creative thinking. Sofia’s second game is undergoing a few more changes before it gets into playtesting. Sofia wants to continue developing tabletop games and when she grows up she wants to be a vet, an actor, a singer, a fashion designer, a pet sitter (just for birds), and an animal adopter (that just means she wants to have a lot of animals).

Favorite Tabletop Games:
Mysterium Park, Clue, Q-bitz, Dominion, Here to Slay, and more recently Black Jack (to her mother’s discontent)


Co-Director of Concept Development

As the other Co-Director of Concept Development, Luca has been critical in the formation of this company. His contributions to our first game, Koala Kraze, helped shape the game to its current state. He is an avid tabletop game player and he logs over 365 play sessions a year. Luca wants to continue developing tabletop games and when he grows up he wants to be an astronaut, an aerospace engineer, sometimes a doctor, a great little brother (already is), and very often he does not know.

Favorite Tabletop Games
Dominion, Killer Bunnies, Doomlings, Catan, Carcassonne, Crazy Cake, Unstable Unicorns, Unleashed Llamas, Here to Slay, Slap Jack, Azul, Nefarious, and more recently Black Jack (to his mother’s discontent)

Vision & Mission

At Solucafia, we believe any idea can become a reality as long as you work hard for it. Most of the games you will find in our catalogue are concepts created by young and creative kids.

Our Vision

To empower children to believe in themselves and their ability to create.

Our Mission

To create, design, develop and publish family games. To use our resources to attract young creators allowing them to design and develop their games and bring families together.

Contact Us

Email: support@solucafia.com